HP tango setup

Setup 1: Unbox HP Tango Printer

Unbox the printer, connect the printer to a power source, load paper, install ink cartridges and then connect to your wireless network.

Step 2: Prepare for installation

Make sure that your HP Tango printer is turned on and that your mobile device or computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you want the HP Tango printer.

  1. You’ll need the following things to use your printer on a wireless network:
  • A compatible mobile device or computer connected to your wireless network
  • Internet access
  • Make sure to turn on the router and computer, or mobile device.
  • Be sure that the computer or mobile device is linked to the same wireless network to which the Tango printer is to be connected.
  • Set up the printer, load the input tray paper and mount the ink cartridges. For more on setting up the printer, go to First Time Printer Setup.
  • Switch on the Tango printer and, during the setup process, position it next to the device and within the router range.

Step 3: Connect your printer to your wireless network

Use WPS or HP Smart to connect wirelessly between your printer and network.

Connect the printer with the HP Smart app

Use the HP Smart app to connect the tango printer from a computer with Windows 10 or macOS or a mobile Android or Apple device to your Wireless network.

Tango Printer Uses the HP Smart app to print, copy, scan, and troubleshoot

HP Smart helps you set up, copy , scan, print, share your HP Tango printer and manage it. Please share your documents and photos via email, text messages, and common social media and cloud services (such as iCloud,Google Drive, Facebook, and Dropbox). You can also configure new tango printers Setup and monitor and order them deliveries.

To copy from an Android or iOS device using HP Tango printer Setup

  1. Open the Intelligent HP software.
  2. If you need to change to another Tango printer, or add a new printer, tap the Plus icon.
  3. Click The Copy click. The built-in camera opens.
  4. Place a document or picture in front of the camera, choose a size choice to help define the size of the camera. First, then press the round button to take an image at the bottom of the page.
  5. Set number of copies or make additional changes where necessary:
    1. To add more documents or images, click Add Pages button.
    2. Click the Delete button to delete images or papers.
    3. Tap Resize to adjust how to fill the paper with the original.
  6. To make a copy press Start Black or Start Color.