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HP printers have become an integral necessity of both our personal and professional life, as a powerful tool for efficient and accurate printing with controlled precision. Get your hands on the best HP printer on the market and set up the system via 123.hp.com/setup, following a set of guidelines. Be sure to use legitimate certificates as much as possible to prevent errors.

The 123.hp.com/setup provides users with the admiring services and steps required to install the device on your system. The configuration page lets users customize for the first time 123.hp.com/setup printer on your computer, as well as providing crucial information during subsequent requirements. The measures include set-up prerequisites, network contact creation, HP wireless printer set-up installation, and driver set-up downloads.

123.hp.com/setup Steps to setup your brand new HP printer

Here you need to follow these steps to install the computer successfully and set up all the features of HP printers via https:/123.hp.com/setup.

  1. On delivery of your HP printer kit, you must unpack the unit and place it in the designated location, and follow the steps.
  2. Test the source of power link until you start plugging the wires into your network. Place the printer nearby the power socket for continued electricity supply to prevent any interruptions throughout the job.
  3. Remove the power cables from the box and connect the power cord to and from the HP printer.
  4. Push the power button on the printer once you plug the printer from the power socket, and turn it on.
  5. When the HP Printer is turned on, increasing the quality prints in the HP Ink cartridges. Keep the sides of the cartridges and move it into corresponding slots.
  6. Upon proper installation of the ink cartridge. Check out there is any packaging material, if yes then remove the papers and load them into your HP printer’s paper tray. Use the hp.com/setup page to get details.
  7. To set up your printer, install the HP printing assistant software which comes with the device.

123.hp.com/Setup Printers

HP Printer driver program for the setup of the HP printer installs and downloads it. Get the new HP Printer drivers from the 123.hp.com/driver page for Macintosh and Windows. Furthermore, set up HP with the 123.hp.com/setup manual for Windows, MAC, smartphones, and iOS. The configuration of the HP printer includes a driver and software of 123 HP.


  • The revised driver and program makes the full 123 HP printer functionality.
  • With easy measures, a brand new HP Printer provides the best service.
  • Printer Setup Services now provide simple configuration, download, and installation.
  • HP requires users to access 123.hp.com/setup directly to find the right driving package.

Make your choice of the list and follow the steps indicated in 123.hp.com HP Printer Driver and software must be regularly updated Trigger full 123 HP Printer with the new drivers and compatible software features. In addition, enjoy the full usability features using the 123.hp.com/setup printer program and firmware.

Upload Drivers for 123.hp.com Printer

After you have imported the papers and applications, close the paper input tray and enjoy the printing process.

How to get HP Printer Assistant installed?

HP Printer Assistant is a program that comes with your printer 123.hp.com/setup. It lets you set up your 123.hp.com/setup printer, and lets with scanning, ordering materials, testing ink rates, and more.

When you upgrade your PC’s Windows, the print information in HP printer help and Windows is lost. If it does, use the HP printer assistant as a new printer to reconnect to your PC.

  1. Reconnect your printer to your PC with a continuous flow of electricity and ensure stable online connectivity.
  2. Uninstall any software or driver on HP printers
  3. You’ll need to download and reinstall the modified drivers from the HP website later.
  4. Go to the official HP website and go to Program and Driver download from the main section
  5. Choose your form of printer and click on “send”
  6. To download and install the setup follow the on-screen direction
  7. Your hp.com/setup printer is ready to use once installation is complete.

123.hp.com/setup – How do you print a document using your mobile?

As mobile phone technology progresses, so does our ability to use a cloud-based network to get everything done via our android devices.

  1. With four simple steps, connect your device to a 123.hp.com/setup printer
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and add hp.com/config print application to Install Wireless Printing System
  3. If the HP Print Service Plugin is mounted, make sure it is turned on and allowed to print.
  4. Open your tab, and pick the option to print from the drop-down menu. HP provides an easy-to-use display manual.
  5. Go to the networked printer list and select your hp.com/setup printer, and enjoy printing
  6. If you are still having trouble attaching your 123.hp.com/setup printer to your device then you can contact HP Customer Support for more assistance.

How can a wireless network be connected-new connection?

For your printer’s first wireless connection follow the instructions:

  1. Go to the section Control Panel and pick the choice Wireless
  2. Click on the “Wireless Setup” Wizard and reply to all instructions
  3. Choose the correct name network from the Network names list
  4. Enter the password and user name and click on “OK”
  5. Select the document you wish to print and press “Print” to start printing.

Setup your Brand New HP Printer-123.hp.com


These HP Envy printers are homely and can be purchased if you don’t have hundreds of pages to print simultaneously. It is also extremely easy for a technology noob to use HP ENVY printer models.123.hp.com/setup


When you want to print bulk pages more easily, go for HP Officejet Pro models. The tin cartridges are easy to replenish and easy to use. The app is available at App Store or and Play store or download it from 123.hp.com/setup.


If you’re looking for a printer with HP Officejet but with improved features, buy the Printer of HP Officejet Pro without doubts. Click here to show HP Officejet Pro Printer model by visiting 123.hp.com/setup.

123.hp.com – 123 HP Printer Driver Download

The new version of printers and software is available in US Driver setup, as in 123.hp.com. In one button, you will use the current version of Windows and MAC printer drivers, applications and firmware. We do have the guidance on the installation of your Windows or MAC PC’s downloaded drivers.


Download 123.hp.com/driver for Windows

You can now download 123.hp.com/printer drivers from your device for the new and full update. You can scan for and download drivers for your printer model here. Follow the steps for installing the HP printer driver from the 123.hp.com driver page here.

  • To start with the driver download 123.hp.com, you can check here for your 123 HP printer driver.
  • Then, on the page top, click on the Download button and wait until your Windows App is identified.
  • The Wizard now lists your Windows 123 HP printer and HP printer apps.
  • Run the downloaded file afterwards. Then start with the steps on the screen and start.
  • The assistant now requests the link mode. Here you can pick USB or Wifi.
  • Then, finish downloading the 123 HP drivers with a 123.hp.com/install manual on the wizard board.

Download 123.hp.com/setup drivers for Mac

123.hp.com/setup is now easy to download HP printer drivers for MAC. For compatible MAC OS models, we offer the new HP printer driver program. With a click on your MAC, you can install them.

  • Enter the model number of your HP printer in the search window.
  • The page now searches rapidly for your MAC’s OS version and then lists the drivers.
  • Choose your compatible drivers and software from the list of 123 HP printer drivers eligible for MAC.
  • The listed drivers and software can now be downloaded and then the wizard initiated.
  • On the wizard, now choose the USB or Windows Connectivity Mode.
  • Using 123 hp driver to install 123.hp.com/setup manual instructions. Follow up.
  • If you want help with the hp printer driver as well as 123 hp printing program, you can also contact our experts and technicians.

123.HP.COM/SETUP Printer Manual Download

As in the 123.hp.com/setup you can also download 123 HP printer manual for your model. Now, this manual can be used to complete the simple print setup for the first time. You can also take advantage of the full instructions on setup of hp printers at 123.hp.com/setup locations.

  • Check on your search box for your 123HP printer model and allow the 122.hp.com/setup manual to be retrieved.
  • Then open the manual and follow the steps to complete the first setup of the 123HP printer.
  • The 123.hp.com/setup manual typically includes simple configuration steps such as:

1: Unboxing: extract tapes from the package of the printer, beginning by configuring the printer. Take care of your 123 HP printer and clear the tapes. Then link it to the electricity supply.

2: Installation of cartridges: Take out the fresh cartridges and clear the boxes for packaging. Now put the cartridges into the holes.

3: Preparing the paper: from the printer box select a few sample documents. Load and print an alignment tab in the Info tray.

Installing and Using the CD/DVD Driver Installation

CD/DVD Driver Installation for Windows

  • Usually, the CD / DVD Server Setup HP provides a server CD in the driver box with a brand new printer installer.
  • This CD can then be used for downloading your Windows or MAC HP printer drivers.
  • Yet you can now install the new HP printer driver and software from the CD on the 123 HP printer software CD with modified driver and device CD / DVD Software Download.
  • In general, HP provides a new 123 HP printer driver installation CD in the case.
  • The basic HP printer drivers on the 123.hp.com driver page are available on this HP printer installation software CD.
  • To get started, run the HP printer driver installed on your Windows machine.
  • Follow the measures on the wizard screen to start installing the 123 HP engine.
  • You can see the instructions on the 123.hp.com/driver installation wizard app.
  • The wizard demands that the 123 HP Printers and the Windows link form be configured.
  • Choose the link form here and continue with the steps on the 123.hp.com/setup manual for the hp printer.

CD/DVD Driver Installation for Mac


Download the Mac standard 123 HP printer drivers and MAC software with the CD driver installation from the printer box, now you can download the new CD / DVD driver update. The CD usually has the drivers and software hp printer that are essential to your 123 hp printer’s basic performance.

  • Please insert the CD in your MAC slot and follow the wizard screen steps to it.
  • If you do not have a contact panel on your 123 hp printer, you can set simple preferences including language, area, and date here.
  • The wizard then prompts the 123 HP printer-MAC connectivity mode.
  • The USB or the Wireless can be selected here.
  • Choose the drivers you want hp printer on the MAC and start with the 123.hp.com/setup instructions on the manual.

123.hp.com — the USB cable and wireless setup wizard

Now it is easy to set up HP printer network set-up. The communication modes between your 123 HP printer, devices and network are now available. Test the performance of your HP printer with the 123 HP Printers 123.hp.com / Setup manual modes.

123.HP.COM/SETUP Printer Driver Network on Windows

You can link your HP Printer with the Windows system using both the USB and Wireless modes. The basic HP network configuration guide for printers of this manual is 123.hp.com/setup.

  • To start wireless 123 HP Printer setup, disconnect the hp printer and Windows computer.
  • Launch a CD or the wizard on your Windows to use the HP printer driver.
  • Follow the 123.hp.com/setup wizard instructions.
  • Then, when the wizard asks, pick the link mode. When you select USB mode, you can connect the HP printer to a USB link with Windows.
  • Use the 123 HP touch panel for Wireless setup.
  • Go to wireless setup and launch the Wireless Wizard HP Printer.
  • Now, you can pick your name from the Wifi wizard and enter the password. The Wizard lists the networks nearby.

Setup of the 123.HP.com/Printer Driver Network Mac

Connect your Mac to the HP printer with the newest 123 HP printer driver and 123.hp.com software. You can also use a USB cable or a wifi network to connect the HP printer to the MAC.

  • Make sure you don’t connect 123 HP to the Hp printer when beginning the process when you connect to USB.
  • Then, by clicking the 123.hp.com driver update button, download the new 123 HP network printer program.
  • Follow the instructions for the 123.hp.com.setup network configuration wizard.
  • Now, pick USB networking mode for your HP and MAC connections.
  • The MAC installs the HP printer driver and software on the plug-in on the USB cable on the MAC device.
  • Now run the network assistant and choose the wireless mode. Download 123.hp.com and continue the HP printer wireless program.
  • All the wifi networks nearby are mentioned by the Wizard. Pick from the list your network and bring it in.

Download and install 123.hp.com/install software

Now download the latest HP printer software from the 123.hp.com driver website.. Run the installation wizard and use the 123.hp.com / setup manual instructions. The required printer software or the add-on software can also be installed here.

Download and install 123.hp.com/setup program on your Windows

  • To view a latest update of your Windows printer program, check the download page 123.hp.com.
  • Type and wait for your HP model number to list the latest Windows OS version apps.
  • Run the setup assistant and follow the steps of the manual 123.hp.com/setup.
  • After that, choose the HP printer-Windows connection mode.
  • Install your Windows computer with the required HP printer software.
  • In general, the free hp printer program is available on the standard CD. You can download it from the printer model page in the event that you are searching for add-on 123.hp.com applications.

Download and install 123.hp.com/setup software on your Mac

  • To install Mac HP printer software, know your MAC version. Download and install 123.hp.com software on your Mac.
  • Then, on the model page click on the download button and wait for your MAC OS version to be found.
  • Now, execute the file that you downloaded to your MAC and obey the wizard instructions.
  • On the manpage of 123.hp.com/setup you can also follow the simple instructions.
  • Then choose the networking mode from your HP printer to your Laptop.
  • Before that, on your MAC computer, pick the program you need.
  • The HP Printer software or add-on hp printer software can be selected here.

HP Printer USB Connection Setup

The HP Printer Setup can be achieved using USB using the steps below

At first, locate and view the installation settings for the Switch system under the Windows machine. Next, select Yes in the System Installation Settings window, and then confirm the changes bu by clicking the Save button. Next use a USB cable to connect the printer to your device. Check if the machine is on and has network connectivity for that. And control now on the HP printer. Finally, attach the USB cable to the USB port at the printer’s back, and then to the device. And then continue with the prompts under the Find new hardware screen to install the driver.

Full Modern Printer’s 123.hp.com/setup process to use modern printing solutions. In this advanced age, no software or printer drivers are required in your devices to get the prints. Since there are other choices available which can be easily printed by any computer.

EPrint, Cloud Print, and AirPrint are the tools that can be used for seamless printing. Their services are free and they operate on an active web link. First, to use any of the apps, you need to set up your printer and computer so you can access it from any location around the world.

So let’s continue our guide in HP printers for these three advance apps.

HP Printer ePrint Setup

With the easy setup and active use of the internet, you can print your papers, photos and anything you want. It is an innovative and seamless HP ePrint service that enables you to print from anytime, anytime, and any time. Only make sure your printer is connected to an active internet connection and is running. If you have an ePrint compatible HP printer then using any device from computer to smartphone you can use this feature very easily.

Let us now start the setup process and follow the steps below:

  • Open your printer, and set up your printer Web Services.
  • Head to your printer’s Home screen.
  • Now press the button on ePrint.
  • Choose Set-Up option.
  • To accept the terms of use, select “Accept” option and allow Web Services.
  • Now get ePrint available.
  • Ensure development of Web Services.
  • Click the home ePrint icon and you’ll get the email address for the printer on the Web Services overview page.
  • Now open your email app on any computer, and send the document to the email address of the printer you want to print.
  • As soon as the printer receives the text, a copy of the paper that has been sent to him will be printed.

To do this, you don’t need any script, not even printer drivers. Enable the ePrint service, and send your paper to the email address of the printer.

HP Printer AirPrint Setup

Another handy feature that HP printers provide their users with is AirPrint setup. This app is for Apple iOS users, and this ePrint service enables a simple wireless connection between printer and computer to get seamless experience in printing. Use the app ensures your printer is linked to the internet and is running.

To use this handy function connect your iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch to the HP printer. Follow the steps below to allow the service to:

  1. Next, make sure that the computer and your printer are linked to the same wireless network.
  2. Download the Apple AirPrint app from AppStore now onto your Apple computer.
  3. Make sure you recall your SSID and Password name for Wi-Fi network.
  4. Such credentials are essential as your printer and Apple device connect.
  5. Now open the document you would like to print and tap AirPrint App.
  6. Open AirPrint App and go to Choice Printer.
  7. Pick your network from the list, and tap ‘Print’ to get your document’s print.
  8. This service helps you to print everything from your Apple iOS computer, images, papers, email, and so on that Apple AirPrint supports.

Okay, these are the latest choices for technology that you can find in the professional HP printer. HP printer delivers seamless quality HD prints and an easy-to-use option. These are great for both home and office to use them, so you need to complete the 123.hp.com/setup to allow your HP printer to start printing.

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