HP Envy 7800 Printer Won’t Print

The HP Envy won’t print out often. When using HP Envy printer wireless printing the troubleshooter does not show any problems. You will not be in a position to print anything though. In the end, you may have some issues with the printer. Many of the measures are for some support addressing the HP Envy 7800 not printing problem here. You have to confirm if the printer can make a photocopy or not. You then have to place the paper on the scanner plate. Click on the printer control panel to copy selection. See whether a good photocopy can be made, or not. Obviously, if the copy is nice then seek to follow the steps below.

HP Envy 7800 Won’t print black

Problems with the black ink cartridge and adjustments to print settings under the printer driver lead to a problem with Won’t Print White.

  1. Start wiping the black-ink cartridge ink nozzle with a rag.
  2. Take out the black ink cartridge from its slot by moving it back.
  3. Test the quality of the ink to make sure the amount is above normal labeling.
  4. If the level is small, replace the existing, genuine cartridge with a new one.
  5. Ensure the safety tape is removed from the cartridge.

HP Envy 7800 Won’t connect to computer

USB problems or problems with Wireless and outdated printer driver or firmware can result in the error of Printer Won’t Connect to device.

  1. Have the latest driver and firmware version installed for printer.
  2. Until setting up a network / USB connection, install the 123.hp.com/envy7800 printer drivers.
  3. In case you set up the printer on a wireless or wired network link, do not connect the USB cable to the print.
  4. Reset the print environment if the problem with HP Envy 7800 troubleshooting continues after all the measures have been taken.


Step 1:

Unplug the USB cable from the printer at first, if it is there

  1. Go to inspection stand. There will be alternative to programs and features in that. Pick all entries on the HP Envy printer and delete all of them
  2. Now in the computers and printer enter the control panel. There, all the printer entries are picked and crossed out
  3. Click + ‘r’ on the ‘Windows key’ to open the ‘Run’ tab. “Exe /s” key. Keep the space between.exe and/or /. Select File.
  4. You have to go to the drivers in the print service properties and take all off
  5. Then go back to Run window. Will form “c:/programdata.” Hewlett Packard lifts any files in the folder that are connected to the printers
  6. Now you need to reboot your computer
  7. Now press http:/hp.care/2rpBprB to download the app and get it
  8. Finally, if it asks for it, link with the USB cable. You must obey the on-screen instructions to complete installation.

Step 2

For HP Envy 7800, do not print in black or color ink or you can follow the steps below if you are printing blank pages. HP highly suggests that you use the original HP cartridges to perform better. However, unlike ordinary cartridges it will provide you with excellent print quality.

  1. Next, you need to test the ink amount. You must change any cartridges which are low or empty.
  2. Press the dash symbol at the corner on the lower left. This will be in the Board of Command
  3. Tap the right arrow to scroll through the tools and press OK
  4. Touch approximate amounts of ink then. Please press OK
  5. The ink level warnings and the indicators should display forecasts for planning purposes only
  6. No replacement of the cartridges is possible until the quality of the prints is low
  7. Unless the indicator shows low levels of ink you may assume you have a replacement cartridge. It will help you stop any delays in printing
  8. Finally, if the cartridge has a decent amount of ink you don’t need to refill it.

Using an Automated Tool to Tidy up the Printhead

  1. In this first stage, the printer has to be turned on
  2. Tap the dash button on the control panel in the lower left corner
  3. Click the right button for the devices to scroll to. Just press OK
  4. Then scroll to clear the head of the print and tap OK
  5. The printer starts cleaning the printhead
  6. During this process some noises are coming from the printer
  7. The test page will then print after the cleaning has been completed
  8. Inspect the test page carefully, and check if there are any errors in the document. The output of printers has to be good
  9. You’d have to clean the print head up again a couple of times to get perfect print quality
  10. You still have to try to shut the printer off using the push button.

Identification of the cartridge which caused the issue

  1. Firstly, you should take off the defective cartridge if you do not have a replacement cartridge available. You can print in Single Cartridge mode
  2. Second, the printer will use the black cartridge when you take off the tri-color cartridge. The same happens when the other is taken away.
  3. Third, take a report on print quality and check printer quality. See if there are any holes, sprains or other defects
  4. Therefore, if there are any faults in the black text, your black cartridge is defective and the same applies to the other cartridge

Eventually, get in touch with our HP support provider at 123.hp.com/envy7800 to learn more about troubleshooting tips for HP Envy 7800 not printing.


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