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123 hp envy printer setup

123 HP Envy 5534 Printer Connectivity

The HP connectivity reviews the information about the methods supported by printer to your computer, network, smartphones and network protocol specifications. The connection methods are Wireless, USB and HP smart app. Then, the Ethernet connection is not supported by the HP envy 5534 printers. Make sure download printer software from 123.hp.com/envy5534.

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123 hp com 5534 USBCommand

Follow the measures below to set up your printer to connect to the USB cable.

HP Envy5534 Necessities.

  1. To set up the USB cable link, verify that you have met requirements such as the printer, you need to switch on the laptop in a prepared condition, and a USB cable with a length of less than 3 meters must be connected to the laptop.
  2. Connect to your laptop using the USB port. If you connect via an USB hub or a docking station, the printer may be unable to function correctly because of minimum energy.
  3. If you have attached the USB cable before installing the HP driver, continue to remove the envy printer from the installed systems in order to guarantee effective set-up. Skip to the next step to install the driver otherwise.
  4. Delete your earlier installed printer version from your Windows desktop before you set up a USB connection and download 123.hp.com/envy5534 printer software. Remove cable USB.
  5. Search for apps in Windows and click Devices and 123 hp envy 5534 Settings for outcomes.   Find and right-click on your printer model to remove it by pressing the Remove button. Remove all current icons for the installation of the envy 5534 printer.

123 hp envy us

hp envy 5534 app Installation of the printer driver

  1. Visitsupport.hp.com to download and install the latest version, and type your model number. Follow the directions on the screen and finish the configuration.
  2. Otherwise you have to follow the HP installer software directions. You can go with the Installation CD if you are not concerned.
  3. Then press Start to start the download and enter your model number.
  4. You must press Download and press any of the buttons to show the driver download, such as Open, Save or Run.
  5. Then double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation wizard. Follow the directions on the screen to complete the installation and driver. Then return to the website to register and activate. 

hp envy 5534 app Driver Installation

  1. You need to visit 123.hp.com/envy 5534 to download and install the latest version of your printer software. Enter the design of the printer and obey the on-screen directions. Download HP Easy Start application. If you are advised to do so, select the link sort. Choose the USB connection as we move to the USB connection configuration.
  2. The USB connection configuration is effective and the remaining steps are not required.
  3. Continue and install it on the HP website if HP Easy Start fails or you are unable to locate your printer in 123.hp.com / setup 5534.
  4. To download the software and driver applications, visit the.hp.com website. Type your printer model and test for compatibility of the operating system. Click Download next to the complete function driver. Follow the instructions given on the Download and Installation Wizard instructions or choose Download only for saving and running the driver file from your desktop.
  5. Finally, select a link option for the printer. Select the USB connection and effectively finish the installation.

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123 HP Envy 5534 Printer Wireless network connection

You can now readily connect the envy printer to the wireless network using the wireless configuration wizard and handle the wireless link to your 123.hp.com/envy5534 printer. As the original step, press the wireless button on the control panel. Then press the settings icon and click on the wireless Setup wizard. You will see the Wireles menu display. Follow the onscreen directions for the printer to be connected to your wireless network.

hp envy 5534 app– HP smart app

The HP Smart App helps you connect via mobile phones to your wireless network.  123 Hp envy 5534–HP intelligent app. Print, scan and capture documents using your HP Smart app on your smart devices.

hp envy 5534 app Installation in Android Device

  1. Installation of the hp envy 5534 app also known as the HP AiO Printer Remote app. Check whether your Android device is on your printer’s same wireless network and maintain it close to your router. Download and install the HP intelligent app on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, open the application and press Launch and acknowledge the terms and conditions. Continue Tap. Type the plus sign to look for printers linked to the network Tap the printer in the list of printers linked to your wireless network in the app’s home screen.
  3. Then, when connecting to a fresh printer, press Add Printer, and follow the directions on the screen.

hp envy 5534 Smart App on Apple iOS devices

  1. Ensure that your printer is enabled and that your Apple iOS device is linked to the same wireless network as your printer.
  2. Download and install your Apple iOS device’s HP intelligent app from App Store.
  3. Then press Start and accept the terms. Tap Continue searching for the network-connected printers.
  4. Finally, if a printer is already attached to the wireless network, the hp envy 5534 app automatically selects your printer.

HP Envy5534 Physical Dimension Printer

With its measurement, the physical dimension of the printer involves measurements. HP envy 5534 printer physical dimensions listed here are height, weight, depth and width.

The Hp envy 5534 printer then has a height of 118.11 mm, which is 4.65 inches. The length of the printer is 444.5 mm which is 17.5. The depth is categorized as extended and expanded without tray extension. The depth expanded by the tile extensor is 493.78 mm, which is 19.44 inches and the depth expanded by 350.27 without the tile extension is 13.70. The HP envy printer weighs 5.3 kg about 11.89 kg.

Display of the Control Panel

123 hp envy 5534 printer

123.hp.com/envy 5534 printer–HP Control Panel Display Buttons

The most significant aspect of the display of the control panel in a printer is that it allows you simpler, less complicated access to the Home button, wireless connectivity and the help menu.

  1. Power button: The energy button is the first button listed in the figure. The Power button allows you to switch the printer on or off. You can only click the button once and it is turned on. The button then switches on and off with one click.
  2. The second button is a Home button that enables you to return to the control panel Home screen. The home screen is then presented when the printer is activated. If the function is accessible.
  3. Display of the panel: the display of the panel is the display that enables you to touch the display to choose the optional menu. If you want to navigate through the menu items, you can also swipe your finger through the screen.
  4. Wireless status light: Wireless status light button lets you determine whether or not your printer’s wireless link is linked. If you have a wireless link, you can see a strong blue light indicating the link institution and printing the link wirelessly.
  5. Help button: Help button for present operation opens the Help menu. If the function is accessible, the button otherwise lights up the button.
  6. Back button: the back button helps you to return to your earlier screen. Then, if the function is accessible, the button lights the button down otherwise.

123.hp.com/envy5534–Display Menu

  • Use the display panel menu to pick print, fax, copy and scan choices by pressing the primary menu. Then you can navigate through the screen by swipping your fingers.Printer jobs.
    1.     Copy: the copy menu option starts in the control panel screen. Use the Copy option on the screen to pick a copy type or alter the copy settings, such as a single or multiple copy and many copy problems.
    2.     Scan: The scan option opens the Scan menu on the screen, which enables you to select a specific location to perform your scan procedure.
    3.     Fax: The Fax option opens a screen in the control panel to submit or alter the settings of your fax.

123 HP Envy 5534 printer–HP Printables

The HP Printables option in the control panel screen provides fast access and printing of data from puzzles, coupons and more such as coloring.

  1. Fast Form: Fast Form Options open the Fast Form menu to select a printable form, because there are many ways to print from your printer.
  2. Setup: The Setup option opens the Setup menu to assist you change your preferences and use the maintenance instruments.
  3. Help: The Help option opens the Help menu, which enables the view of videos, data and advice about set-up and problem-shooting problems.
  4. HP ePrint icon: HP ePrint icon opens the Web Services Summary in the control panel. Finally, the overview of web services will provide details of the ePrint status data, ePrint settings and data page on web services.
  5. Wireless Direct: Wireless Direct icon opens the Wireless Direct Summary menu that allows you to disable direct printing and wireless direct name and password.
  6. Wireless icon: The Wireless Summary menu opens. Then, the wireless overview menu provides wireless status and changes wireless configuration. Next, print a wireless test report for network link problems.
  7.    Ink icon: Ink icon will demonstrate you the concentrations of the ink cartridge. The ink will display a warning symbol if the ink concentration is minimum.
  8. Fax Status icon: Fax status in the control panel will be used to open Auto Response, Fax Sound Volume and Fax logs status data.

123.hp.com/envy5534 Environmental specification

It is essential to verify your surrounding environment before setting up your printer hardware and software. Then operate within the following environmental parameters with your HP 5534 envy printer.

Ink cartridges HP Envy 5534 printer

The Ink Cartridge is one of the printer’s most unbearable accessories. The ink cartridge is then accessible in black and ink cartridges in colour.

Solutions for mobile printing

Mobile printing solutions allow you to print files using your smartphones, either records or pictures.

123.hp.com/envy 5534 Specifications to print printers

The printer specification enables users to familiarize themselves with accessible print resolutions, duplexer methods, printer languages, print speeds and printing process.

123.hp.com / envy5534 Printer external parts

The internal components of the printer are made up of hardware and buttons. The front view of the envy printer comprises of numerous components, while the back view of the printer is powered and the USB port is available.

Power and Regulatory Specification of HP Envy 5534 printer

The printer’s energy specification is very essential to understand. Check the data below and make sure your printer is consistent with your country / region energy scheme.

123.hp.com/envy5534 Specifications for HP Printer Paper Handling

To understand the right paper kinds and sizes and the printer overload. Some requirements for paper handling are paper tray capability, supported paper sizes, envelopes, photo paper, cards, labels, custom sizes and print margins.

123.hp.com/envy5534 Specified system printer

The system needs for the operating systems vary accordingly. Then select the operating system and follow the instructions on specific operating systems such as Linux, OS X and Windows.


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