123.hp.com/envy5534 Printer Setup

HP Envy 5534is a Multi-Functional printer that has the ability to print, copy, scan and WLAN facility. While printing your envy 5534 uses a drop-on-demand Thermal InkJet Technology for offering a high yield on HP Ink Cartridges. Your printer entails you to install a set of HP Tri-colour and HP Black Ink Cartridges only. Your wireless printer is built to provide a signal range for establishing acloud print network and then offer relentless security. Now your printer has come up with an Auto Duplex and Borderless Printing features for continues printing.

123.hp.com/envy5534 is present with an Input tray and an individual Photo tray for handling up to 125 sheets and 15 sheets respectively. This eliminates the burden in switching papers and slowing down on tasks. Also, you printer comes with an Output tray for handling 25 sheets. Your Printer Control panel display is made on a 2.2 inch touch screen monochrome LCD with an integrated magic frame. Your envy printer is inherently built with Printables content for printing over a Cloud Network. You can now have the necessary freedom to go on with Creative Printing at a nominal cost.

HP Ink Advantage

Your printer uses a Thermal InkJet Technology for fast printing at affordable colour and thus renders to Ink Advantage printing. Your HP envy Ink Cartridge is designed with an integrated print head that can print all fonts and colours and thus preserves your original quality. You can now Duplex print and Copy borderless photos at a lightning fast speed.

Power Saving

123.hp.com/envy5534 is inherently built to automatically change to Sleep Modeoperation whenever printer is not in use. In this mode your printer is put on sleep to save on the power consumption at large. Usually the sleep mode time setting is approximately 5 minutes and you can change this time setting over the control panel.

 Mobile Printing

123.hp.com/envy5534 WLAN feature is capable of providing a signal range that permits you to connect a distant Mobile device from a far off place and print wirelessly.You can now install HP AiO Smart apps on your smart phone and then try connecting your printer using the ePrint email address.

Compact Design

123.hp.com/envy5534 is a wireless printer that is portable and compact for you to devise the setup on a shelf. Your printer can perform several tasks from print, scan, copy and web network all from one unique device and thus saves you on IT Infrastructure cost and Office space.

HP Printables

HP Printables is a collection of web apps that is available free to access from the envy control panel display. Now you can print Tickets, Forms, Coupons and Puzzles etc., on-demand accessing the web. You can register on HP Connected to get all of the print apps at once to initiate creative printing.

HP Duplex Print

123.hp.com/envy5534 is present with an Auto Duplex print feature for you to accomplish more tasks at less time. Your printer can now multitask and then work endlessly without creating any disrupts. You can use Family Activity forms for printing borderless images without sacrificing on the picture quality and sharpness.

123.hp.com/envy5534 Setup

  • At first try to unpack Envy 5534and its accessories from the container box and then rest it on a shelf
  • Remove all tapes and wrapped around packing on your printer
  • Peel off the cover sticker from the monochrome LCD screen
  • Lift up the scanner lid to open. Get rid of all stickers present on the scanner glass
  • Draw up the lateral sides of the cartridge door to open it. Peel off all tapes and then remove the internal packing’s
  • Get rid of the adhesive tapes from your paper tray to open it. Slide the pair of paper guides away and rest it on tray edges
  • Now load A4 sheets on to your paper tray and then retrace the pair of paper guides towards the A4 sheets to keep them intact
  • Connect a power cord to your printer and then switch On power. Also, switch On power for your computer
  • Wait until your computer OS gets ready and then establish a printer USB connection. Now connect the other end of the USB cable to your printer
  • Open the Cartridge access door and then begin to install the New HP Ink Cartridges
  • Open CD drive and then load the Envy 5534 installation disk to close the drive. Run the Auto Setup to install the printer software through onscreen instruction guidelines
  • Open envy 5534software and then click file and select print to test the basic printer setup

Ink Cartridges

123.hp.com/envy5534 can print Photos, Brochures, Flyers and Documents by simply installing a set of HP Tri-colour and Black Ink Cartridges. You can now try to print on different types of print media and then find out the best quality for future use. HP Tri-colour is a dye-based Ink Cartridge that consists of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colours, and HP Black is a pigment based Ink Cartridge.

Reinstall Ink Cartridges:

At first try to switch off the power from Envy 5534. Wait till the print carriage bar to remain silent and idle. Draw up the lateral sides of the cartridge door to open it. Locate the print carriage head and unlatch the tab. Press the depleted Ink Cartridge downward to detach it from the cartridge slot and then remove it. Open New Ink Cartridges from its protective cover and then remove the plastic flaps entirely. Slide the New Ink Cartridge inside the cartridge slot and then push it firmly until click to place. Use Cartridge tab to latch the newly re-installed ink cartridge. Push down the cartridge door to close it. Switch On power for 123.hp.com/envy5534.

123.hp.com/envy5534 Wireless Connection Setup

HP Envy 5534 is compatible with ePrintAirPrint and Google Cloud Print Services over the wireless connection. Now use your mobiles and tablets to connect & operate the printer over the wireless medium and thus neglect the hassles present in network access. Initially, try to install ePrint or AirPrint on your smart phone and then enable Wi-Fi ON. Press the Home button on the control panel to activate the printer dashboard. Touch ePrint option available on the magic frame and try enabling it. Open ePrint apps on your mobile device and then attach a text file for cloud printing. Next search using the envy 5534 email address to find for ePrint remote services. Touch and select the desired printer. Now go ahead and alter the print settings. Touch Print button to send the print task over the cloud.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

HP Envy 5534 WPS facility is used to establish a Local Wireless LAN and then network several mobile devices for enabling cloud printing. You can automatically configure the Envy Wi-Fi Protected Setup over a wireless WPS Router.Touch the screen display to open printer dashboard. Access magic frame and then select Wireless option. Touch the settings option and then select WPS wizard. Follow on the screen instructions and then promptly type in your wireless network name and wps passkey for authentication. Touch OK button. Locate the router device and then press the WPS button for about 3 seconds to switch WPS ON. Wait until your envy 5534 WPS setup gets self configured and then for the wireless light to glowsteadily.If WPS button is not present on the router then try to manually configure your printer WPS using the router software.

Auto Wireless Connect

123.hp.com/envy5534 is capable of establishing a Traditional Wireless LAN Network for enabling Mobile Printing technology. Your printer wireless connect now has the ability to self-configure over a wireless router network. You get to configure more number of mobile devices on your Envy 5534 and then utilize it efficiently. At first, you should self-configure envy 802.11b/g/n card over a router and then check for the control panel wireless light to glow steadily. Ensure to know the Wireless Network Name and WEP Key that is printed at the back of your router.

Touch the Screen display to activate the printer dashboard. Touch Wireless option from the magic frame. Touch Settings and then select Wireless Network wizard. Follow on the screen instructions and then promptly type your network name and WEP key using the screen key board. Touch OK to confirm and then wait until the printer auto configures with your wireless router. Touch OK button and exit the setup wizard.

Note: In case, you need to change the Auto Wireless Connect to USB connection then it is advisable that you open printer software and then make this change in network type

Wireless Setup Wizard

Your Printer Control panel is integrated with a magic frames for instantly enabling your Wireless, WPS, ePrint and Wi-Fi Direct options. Press the Home button to activate the printer dashboard and then select Wireless option. Touch settings to display a list of wireless setup wizard. Each of the setup wizards is a swift installation program that can promptly enable your printer wireless facility. Some of the wireless setup wizard options are Wireless, WPS, Print Reports and Advanced Settings etc.,

Print Reports option elaborates on the type of Network Configuration and the Wireless Network details.Select Print Reports from the Wireless Setup Wizard menu. On the screen display you can select either Network Configuration Page or Wireless Test Report. Now you can view the Wireless Network Name, Host Name, Printer IP Address and MAC name etc., on the screen display.

Advanced Settings option elaborates on the IP Address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask and DNS Address etc., Select Advanced Settings from the Wireless Setup Wizard menu. Touch IP Settings and then change setting from Automatic to Manual option. Now you get a display of the Advanced options list over the monochrome LCD screen.