To print from a wireless-capable computer (Windows)

Check to have a compatible Tango printing app installed on your mobile device. For more info please visit HP Website for Mobile printing If there isn’t a local version of this website please link to the HP Mobile Printing website in your country/region or language.

Another country or territory, or a different language.

  1. Make sure the tango printer has turned on Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Turn on your mobile device to connect to Wi-Fi. See the documentation for more details Mobile app issued.
  3. Sign in to a new network from the mobile device. Using the method where you usually attach to a Current Wireless or Hotspot network. Select the name of Wi-Fi Direct from the Wireless network list Displayed as DIRECT-**-HP Tango (where * * are special characters for your printer).Enter the password for Wi-Fi Direct, when asked.
  4. Document print.

To print from a wireless-capable computer (Windows)

  1. Make sure the tango printer has turned on Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Switch on Wi-Fi link on device. For more information, see the accompanying documentation the computer.
  3. Log in to a new network from the device. Use the process where you normally connect to a new one Wireless, or hotspot network. From the list of wireless networks shown, select the Wi-Fi Direct name Such as DIRECT-**-HP Tango (where * * are unique characters for your printer to identify).
  4. Enter the password for Wi-Fi Direct, when asked.
  5. Document print.

HP Tango – Print using a computer

Print documents

When printing papers, ensure the paper is loaded into the input tray, and that the output tray is open.See Load media for more information on charging paper.

To print a document (Windows)

  1. Pick Print from your Application.
  2. Make sure it selects your HP Tango printer.
  3. Click on the Properties dialog box to open the button.

This button may be called Assets, Options, Tango Printer Setup, depending on your program application Printer, Printer, or Preferences.

  1. Pick the choices that suit.
    • Choose Portrait or Landscape Orientation on the Layout tab.
    • From the Media drop-down list in the Paper / Quality column, pick the appropriate paper typeTray Selection area, pick the correct quality of print in the Quality Settings area, thenIn the Color field, and select the correct color.
    • Click Advanced to pick the correct paper size from the drop-down list for Paper Size.

For more information on printing, see Advice on HP Tango Printer Settings.

  1. Select OK to close the dialog box on Property.
  2. To start printing click Print, or OK.

Print with Print Anywhere

  1. Print anywhere is a free HP service which lets you use the HP Smart App with your HP ConnectedRemote printing account using cellular data or Remote Wi-Fi.
  2. With Print Anywhere, you can print anywhere, from anywhere, to your HP web-connected printer. For more information please go online.
  3. When using Print Anywhere, ensure that the HP Tango printer setup is linked to an active networkInternet connection.

To print a document using Print Anywhere

  1. When you have registered or signed up for an account at HP Connected (might not be available in all Countries / regions) Print Anywhere is set up automatically during printer setup.
  2. If you skipped the phase during print setup, you will be prompted to set up Print Anywhere after installation Press Print Anywhere twice.

How to connect hp tango printer to wifi

HP Tango Wireless Setup

You can set up and manage a wireless connection to your tango printer. This includes information to print about Network settings, wireless function turning on or off, and wireless settings restored.

To switch the printer’s wireless capability on or off

Press (the Wi-Fi button) to turn on or off the wireless tango printing capabilities on the back of the printer.

  • If the printer has an active connection to the wireless network, the Edge Lighting Large Bar will glow
  • Middle light brown.
  • When wireless is switched off, the Edge’s large light bar glows white in the center.
  • See Edge lighting for more information on wireless status.
  • To print the wireless network test report and the configuration network page, see Control Imprint report stop.

To restore network settings to default settings

  • Press and hold (the Wi-Fi button) at least three seconds behind the printer. Then there’s the printer is in Auto Wireless Connect (AWC) configuration mode. It continues its search and waits for the HPSmart app to connect within 2 hours, and then stop searching.

Changing HP Tango Wireless (Windows) settings

This method is open, if the printer program has already been installed.

  1. Open the program for the HP Printer. See Open the HP Tango Printer app (Windows) for more detail.
  2. Click Tools in the Printer software.
  3. Click Setup & Software on Device.
  4. Choose Wireless Settings in Reconfigured. Follow instructions on-screen.