How to connect hp tango printer to wifi

HP Tango Wireless Setup

You can set up and manage a wireless connection to your tango printer. This includes information to print about Network settings, wireless function turning on or off, and wireless settings restored.

To switch the printer’s wireless capability on or off

Press (the Wi-Fi button) to turn on or off the wireless tango printing capabilities on the back of the printer.

  • If the printer has an active connection to the wireless network, the Edge Lighting Large Bar will glow
  • Middle light brown.
  • When wireless is switched off, the Edge’s large light bar glows white in the center.
  • See Edge lighting for more information on wireless status.
  • To print the wireless network test report and the configuration network page, see Control Imprint report stop.

To restore network settings to default settings

  • Press and hold (the Wi-Fi button) at least three seconds behind the printer. Then there’s the printer is in Auto Wireless Connect (AWC) configuration mode. It continues its search and waits for the HPSmart app to connect within 2 hours, and then stop searching.

Changing HP Tango Wireless (Windows) settings

This method is open, if the printer program has already been installed.

  1. Open the program for the HP Printer. See Open the HP Tango Printer app (Windows) for more detail.
  2. Click Tools in the Printer software.
  3. Click Setup & Software on Device.
  4. Choose Wireless Settings in Reconfigured. Follow instructions on-screen.

Tango printer Connection

 Connect using the HP Smart app

To set up using the HP Smart app

The HP Smart app allows you to set up the printer on your wireless network. It supports the HP Smart App

On computers running iOS, Android and Windows. For information on this app, see printing using the HP Smart app,Copy, scan, and scan.

  1. Connect your computer or mobile device to your wireless network and you know Wi-FiYour Wireless network name.
  2. Whether you are using a mobile device with iOS or Android, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. (Uses HP SmartBluetooth to make setup of iOS and Android mobile devices quicker and easier.)

NOTE: HP Smart only uses Bluetooth for setting up of printers. Bluetooth printing isn’t supported.

  1. Make sure that the tango printer is setup in Auto Wireless Connect (AWC) mode.

The Edge lighting shows the two small light bars glowing when the printer enters the AWC setup modeBlue, whilst the lower large light bar pulses blue outward from the middle, repeating.If this is the first time you setup the HP Tango printer, after the printer has been started, the printer is ready for setup on. Within two hours it keeps searching for the HP Smart app to connect, and then stops searching.

To reset the HP Tango printer to the AWC setup mode, press and hold (the WiFi button) on the back of the printer for at least three seconds.

Open the HP Smart app, and then do one of the following things:

  1. iOS / Android: Tap the Plus icon on the home screen, and select the printer. If not the printer
  2. Tap the Add a new printer in the list. Follow the instructions on screen to connect the HP Tango printer to your account Networking.
  3. Windows: Click or tap Find Printer on Home screen. Select or tap Set if printer is not foundFresh printer up. Follow the instructions onscreen to connect theTango printer to your network.

Tango Printer connectivity using the HP Smart app

  1. This section provides basic guidance on how to print the HP Smart app from your Android ,iOS, or other devicesComputer on Windows 10. For more details on using the HP Smart App please go to:
  2. Android / iOS:
  3. Windows 10: