49.4c02 HP Printer’s Error is one of the most popular or a common user problem related to the printer. HP Printer Fault 49.4c02 ceases and calls for a reboot of all operating operations.

This 49.4c02 mistake can be overcome in several ways

  • For instance, if you notice which machine stops in the queue of the printer
  • Delete the job but return Printer and cable to the network. Turn ON the Check and Printer.
  • Read about the error and the ways in which it can be overcome.
  • Anything more will frustrate us than when we finish our job by printing and the impression is not working.
  • There could be a 49.4c02 Printer Error in it and we can repair it with some solutions. This typically occurs because of print jobs when the HP Printer shows the error code 49.4c02. So let us switch to the steps by which you can correct the error.

How can I patch the 49.4c02 error of the HP Printer?

  1. When you use the Franklin Gothic Book Font Flash firmware,
  2. Remove the queued Printer jobs,
  3. Print a page to test
  4. Advanced Printing Test feature
  5. and upgrade the FreeBSD firmware.
  • You can see a tiny print icon on the bottom of the device. Click on the icon right-side. The queue of the printer is full. Delete all work from this page.
  • Print a test page: Turn off the printer and connect the cable to the machine. Print a test page. Now turn to the printer. When you are finished, print a page to check. if the printer is finished.
  • The mistake must have been with the printer jobs in the queue when this page is printed.
  • If these solutions do not help to correct the mistake, a second fault will occur.
  • For this stage, follow the following points Open the Windows Logo

Other steps that Can Fix the Issue 49.4c02

Advanced Printing Settings Disable the apps.

  1. Choose the queue of the Printer.
  2. Click here to the left and select the Print Preference option.
  3. Select “Extended” option.
  4. Choose Advanced Printing Features under the Document option.
  5. Switch to disabled this function.
  6. Using a test tab, try printing it again. If this option is not working, then proceed to the next move.
  7. Test if you use Franklin Gothic Book Font: Any document with Franklin Gothic Book Font will cause an HP error of 49,4c02. If so, you will need to follow the following steps: Trigger “Send True Form as Bitmaps” for PCL 5e and the PCL6 drivers, using the advanced tab of either of the 2 drivers. After that, without HP Error 49.4c02, you will be able to print your text.
  • Set the option “Download True Tape Font” to Bitmap for PS Driver-. This allows you to print your document without the 49.4c02 error code. Go to the Advanced tab under the ‘PostScript Options.’
  • You may use the “Internet JetAdmin” plugin which also is called the “Application Storage Manager” for installing the font on a printer’s disk. You may use this to print the document or font, as with the above-mentioned drivers, without using Bitmap Settings.

Follow the steps to flash the printer firmware, since it is connected to the device by parallel cable. Take a look @HP Printer Support Driver Switch on the Printer.

Flash the firmware and upgrade

  • Check that on the screen “Owed” appears.
  • Please print a test version.
  • Test your printer’s firmware and then follow the steps: Click on the button “Pick.”
  • To see the “Details Menu,” press the “Down” button.
  • Click on the button “Pick.”
  • To display “Print Settings” on LCD, press the “Down” button.
  • Tap on “Test” and print the check tab.

On the test page you will find the date and revision of the firmware in printer detail

  • Click on the button “Stop.”
  • Choose the option “Run.”
  • Type COMMAND or CMD in the “Open” window.
  • To see the direction where firmware is saved go to the Directory. In the command window, type this path.
  • Tap on “Join.”
  • Click the /B*.RFU LPT1 command copy on the window and copy the firmware into the printer, then upgrade the firmware. The Firmware will be used.
  • On the LCD, the “Receiving Update” phase is successful.
  • (During an upgrade, there should be no interrupts, or the printer can be damaged) “Up” on the LCD is displayed after the upgrade is complete.
  • Switch the printer off and restart it after at least 15 seconds has elapsed.
  • Print a test page and check if the firmware revision is shown on the Printer Details test page.
  • You should contact printer support-USA in order to obtain more information or if you have any questions. For all, we will provide you with excellent solutions.
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