Tango printing from a mobile wireless device which supports Wi-Fi Direct

Verify that you have the current version of the HP Print Service Plugin enabled on your mobile computer (if using a desktop app Digital gadget). This app can be downloaded from Google Play App store.

  1. Make sure the tango printer has turned on Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. Turn Wi-Fi On your mobile device directly. For more information, see the accompanying documentationMobility unit.
  3. Select a document from an application enabled for tango printing from your mobile device, and then select the optionDocument to print.

It shows the list of available printers.

  1. From the list of printers available, select the shown Wi-Fi Direct tag, such as DIRECT-**-HP Tango (Where * * is special printer identification characters).Enter the password for Wi-Fi Direct, when asked.
  2. Start your Document printing.
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