To print from an Android or iPhone Devices

  1. Verify that you loaded paper into the input tray. See Load Media for more details.
  2. Open the Intelligent HP Tango software.
  3. If you need to change to another printer, or add a new printer, tap the Plus icon.
  4. Tap a printing option (e.g., Print Photos or Facebook Photos, etc.). Please print pictures
  5. And your device documents, cloud storage sites or social media sites.
  6. Select the photo you want to print or the document.
  7. Click Paste.To print from a device with Windows 10

To print from a device with Windows 10

  1. Verify that you loaded paper into the input tray. See Load Media for more details.
  2. HP Smart free. For more detail, see Print, copy, search, and troubleshoot using the HP Smart app.
  3. Please ensure your HP Tango setup printer is selected on the HP Smart Home screen.
  4. Click or tap Print, at the bottom of the Home page.
  5. Enter Print Photo, find a photo you want to print and then click or tap Print Images.
  6. Select Print File, find a PDF document that you want to print, then click Print or press Print.
  7. Pick the choices that suit. Click or tap more settings, to show more settings. For more details
  8. See Tango Printer Configuration Tips for printing configuration.
  9. Click or tap To start printing

HP Tango Print with mobile devices

Print from mobile devices

You can directly print documents and pictures from your mobile devices including iOS , Android, WindowsMobile, Amazon Kindle andChromebook.

NOTE:HP Tango printing from mobile devices can also be done using the HP Smart app. See Print for more infoUsing Smart HP software.

  1. Verify that your HP Tango printer connects to the same network as your mobile device.
  2. Allow mobile device printing to:
  • iOS: Use the Share menu option to print or.
  • Android: The HP Print Service Plugin (supported by most Android devices) can be downloaded from theGoogle Play Store, and make it available on your device.
  • Windows Mobile: Tap the Device menu to print. Add the Wizard of HP Tango Printer.
  • Chromebook: Download and install the Chrome Web Store Chrome App HP Print toenable printing via Wi-Fi.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD9 and HDX: Print on your device the first time you select Print, HP PrintService Plugin is downloaded automatically to allow mobile printing.
  1. Make sure that the paper that is loaded suits the HP Tango printer’s paper settings (see Load media for more additional information). The exact size of the document that is loaded helps your mobile device to be changed Know the size of the paper it’s printed.
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