HP Tango duplex printing

To print tango printer on both sides of the page (Windows)

  1. Pick Print from your Application.
  2. Make sure it selects your tango printer.
  3. Click on the Properties dialog box to open the button.

This button may be called Assets, Options, Printer Setup, depending on your program application HP Tango Printer, Printer, or Preferences.

  1. Pick the choices that suit you.
  • Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation on the Layout tabs, and then selects the appropriate one
  • Manually drop-down the printed paper choice on both sides.
  • From the Media drop-down list in the Paper / Quality column, pick the appropriate paper type
  • Tray Selection area, pick the correct quality of print in the Quality Settings area, then
  • In the Color field, select the correct color.
  • Click Advanced to pick the correct paper size from the drop-down list for Paper Size.

For more information on printing, see Advice on HP Tango Printer setup Settings.

  1. Remove the document from the output tray or the output tray after all the odd-numbered pages have been printed Wrap, depending on your type of printer.Flip the document by the long edge or short edge depending on the choice you set in the preceding stage. Reload the file.Make sure that the document’s blank side faces out from the HP Tango printer.
  2. To print the other side of the text, press (the Resume button)

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