HP Envy 7645 Wireless Setup

To connect HP envy printer to a wireless 802.11 network, you will need to do the following, a wireless 802.11 wireless router is needed. You should have a wireless enabled computer or a laptop. Or a network interface card connected to your computer. The computer must be connected to the wireless network with which you can install your HP Envy printer. Choose the Network name (SSID). And select the WEP key or the pass phrase.

To connect to your printer

Select the settings option from the wireless option on the printer control panel. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard, and click OK. To complete the setup for the wireless connection follow the onscreen instructions. Insert the printer software and install the software. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the printer driver software.

Change the Network Settings

Select the settings option from the wireless option in the printer control panel.

Choose the advanced settings by scrolling down.

Make changes to the advanced settings option.

Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup.

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