HP Envy 7645 Scanner Not Working

Reset Network

First, unplug the power cable to your Router

Once your Router is unplugged, turn off your printer.

Next, shut down your computer.

After 30 seconds to 1 minutes, plug your Router back in.

Next, turn on your printer.

Turn on the computer

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After a few minutes the network connection will return. Check on your computer and ensure that you can browse to websites before continuing. On your printer the wireless light should stop blinking and should return to its solid connected state. Once the network communication has returned can you please try another scan from either the HP Scan software on your computer or the front panel scan option.

Should the issue be resolved, than you may have had an update on your network that temporarily blocked communication. By power cycling the network it allowed the printer full access once again.

Should the communication error persist, please proceed to the next step.

Check the WIA Service

When it comes to scanning, HP Printers rely on two services to scan. Twain is the HP Scan service that allows you to scan an image directly into the application where you wish to work with that image. The Twain feature relies on WIA. WIA is Windows Image Acquisition and it is a service built into your Windows Operating System. It is the service that enables graphic software to communicate with imaging devices (like scanners). All in all, WIA can work even if Twain isn’t working. But, if WIA is corrupted or not running properly, Twain will not work. If Twain fails to work HP Scan will not work. To ensure that your WIA service is running as it should be please follow the steps below.

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Click on your Start menu

In the ‘search programs and files’ box located right above Start type services.msc

Hit enter and a Services window will open

Scroll down until you see Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and click on it once to highlight it. Select ‘Start‘ or ‘Restart‘ in the top left hand corner.

You should only see ‘Stop’ and ‘Restart’ in the top left hand corner. If you see the ‘Start’ option it indicates that Windows stopped that service from running which could mean that there is a corruption within that scan service.

Next, scroll up until you see ‘Shell Hardware Detection‘ and click on it once just to highlight it

Select ‘Start‘ or ‘Restart‘ whatever your option might be

Once the services have been restarted please try your scan again.

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