HP Envy 7640 Wireless Setup

How do I Connect My HP Envy 7640 Printer to WiFi?

Connect HP Envy 7640 Printer to WiFi:

HP Envy 7640 printer is an HP masterpiece. It has an outstanding structure and is ideal for both office and home applications. Similar to the previous ones, this system is much more advanced.

It has a sensitive and light touchscreen which enables the user to tap and swip. In addition, direct wireless printing is possible. The software configures and links the wireless network on its own.

Connect HP Envy 7640 Printer to the Wireless Network is as follows:

Step 1: Planning for deployment

Please ensure that your computer, printer, and access point are enabled before you start the process of connecting your printer device to Wi-Fi. You must also provide the SSID name and encryption of your access point to connect to the network.

  1. a) Here are a few things you will need to create a wireless link.
  • Description of SSID
  • Securing your network password
  • Wi-Fi linked PC
  • Online access Online
  1. b) Please make sure both your PC and the router are activated. Make sure your machine is linked to the same Wi-Fi network your printer is connected to. Power the printer and keep it near your Screen. Make sure your printer is within your wireless network’s range.
  2. c) If connected, remove any Ethernet wires.

Step 2: Link the printer product to wireless Internet access

Open your printer’s wireless setup wizard to connect to the Wi-Fi

  1. Your printer power
  2. Go to your printer system Control Panel and press the wireless button.
  3. Tap on the icon for setup.
  4. Press wireless settings after that.
  5. Touch wireless software wizard now
  6. Read carefully and follow the instructions given on the control panel.

Step 3: Install and Download the Printer Software

These guidelines must be followed for downloading and installing printer drivers from HP’s official website.

  1. Your printer power
  2. If necessary, remove the USB cord from the computer. If required during the installation process, you may need to connect the USB cord.
  3. Go to the HP support website for driver and software downloads.
  4. If a page indicates, let’s identify the starting element. Pick your printer and then choose your printer’s model number. Now, choose Send.
  5. If you want to change your OS, select Update, pick your version, and then click Reset.
  6. Go to the driver heading, pick access for the full software product update.

This article dealt with the process of connecting your HP Envy 7640 printer to the wireless network. We hope that the above measures will enable you to set up your wireless printer successfully.


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