HP Envy 5660 Issues and Solving Techniques

Clearing paper Jam

To remove paper Jam from paper path

Open the cartridge access door.

Open the paper path cover.

Remove the jammed paper from the roller.

Close the path cover.

Close the cartridge access door.

Print again after removing the jammed paper.

Clear jam from duplexer

Open the cartridge access door.

Open the paper path cover.

To remove the jammed paper, press and hold the hole of the duplexer path cover and lift it up.

Close the paper path cover.

Close the cartridge access door.

Try printing a document after repair.

Clear paper jam from the paper tray

Remove all the paper from the paper tray.

Until the printer rests on its left side rotate the printer.

Remove the jammed paper from the paper tray by sliding out the paper tray.

Push the paper tray back to its position.

After rotating the printer to its base load the paper.

Clear the paper from the print zone

Open the cartridge access door

Remove the jammed paper from the printer.

Close the cartridge access door.

To continue the job press OK on the control panel.

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Clearing paper jam

Remove the obstacles from the print cartridge.

Cleaning ink smear

Touch the Settings icon and select the Tools from the Home screen

Select the Clean Ink Smear from the tools menu just by scrolling down through the options

Improving print quality

Use original HP ink cartridges only

Using the printer software you can confirm what kind of paper type you use.

To know the paper quality enter the Media option and select the print quality from the Quality settings.

Select the Print & Scan option and then click set Preferences to use the print properties.

Align the cartridges

Check the estimated ink level of the cartridges; if the ink levels are low replace the cartridges immediately.

Cartridge problem

Check whether the power is ON.

Open the Cartridge access door.

Remove the cartridge that is indicated in the error message.

Locate the electrical contacts holding the cartridge by its side with the bottom pointing up.

Use the damp lint-free cloth to wipe the contacts.

Use a dry swab to wipe the contacts.

Reinstall the ink cartridges.

Check whether the error message has gone then close the access door.

Turn off the printer and ON if you still receive the error message.

Printing Failure

If you’re facing any problem in printing the documents you can troubleshoot printing by downloading the HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Resolving printing issues:

  • You can resolve the printing issues by following the onscreen instructions displayed in the display screen.
  • Make sure that the connections for the wireless are working properly, and if your computer is connected to the printer using a USB cable disconnect and connect the cable.
  • Check whether the printer is in offline or paused.

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