123 HP Envy 5544 Printer is Offline- Trouble Shooting Instruction

Correcting HP Envy 5544 Printer is offline issue, follow these instructions and resolve the connection to the printer. For certain situations, the printer status can be offline, or the printer system may show the offline message.

Reason for HP Envy 5544 Printer to go Offline

Bad contact between printer and router leads to offline error on the printer. The printer ceases working any more.

  1. Use your doctor’s HP Print and Scan service to repair the offline mistake.
  2. Reset the print environment to troubleshoot the HP Envy 5544 issue.
  3. For printing, make the 123.hp.com/envy5544 printer the default one.
  4. Please ensure the printer driver is modified to the latest edition.
  5. Get the most current firmware update installed on your computer.

123 HP Envy 5544 Print and Scan Doctor

Whether you are using Windows 10 or 8 to solve HP Envy 5544 Printer is offline problem, you can also get a special edition of HP Print and Scan Doctor. Then import from the HP official website HP Print and Scan Patient. Run the .exe file for HP Print and Scan Doctor. Open HP Print and Scan Doctor now, and select your printer tool. Try restarting your printer system if your printer system is not in the list

HP Envy 5544 Reset the Printing Environment

  1. First, reset your printing system, which will restore the connection between the printer and the computer.
  2. Switch off your printer and wait about 10 seconds to unplug the printer’s power cable.
  3. Now turn off your machine for 10 seconds.
  4. Then plug the power cord back into the printer and turn the device on.
  5. When a wireless network is used, restart the router, and remove the power cord from the router.
  6. Let it rest for 5 seconds and reconnect the power cord to the router, wait until the activity light on the network becomes on.
  7. Click the Wireless button or wireless control panel icon at the same time to enable the wireless link.
  8. Then wait until your printer connects to your router and turns your machine on. Reconnect the power cord to the printer’s back end, and begin printing.
  9. If the HP Envy 5544 Printer is offline, proceed to next stage.

 HP Envy 5544 Default Printer Setup

Default printer driver, if the driver shares the same name, may have modified after installing another driver. Now try changing the default print driver to your originally configured driver and testing with the status of the printer. Then choose Devices and Printers from the result to check for devices in windows. Search for Grayed printer and set it as a regular printer. Now try printing, if HP Envy 5544 Printer is a question offline, try other solutions

 Disable Firewall Software

Generally firewall program prevents threat from outside but often prevents the printer ‘s network contact. Shortly, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will deactivate the firewall program to fix HP Envy 5544 Printer No problem found. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor Window Network, and pick Firewalls Troubleshooting and disable status. If the installation is successful then get support for the firewall software which allows security level, trusted zone and open port to allow communication with HP Software and the website.

 Uninstall HP Driver and Software

Often the method of downloading software may be incomplete or wrong. If your printer and machine have a USB connection then remove the USB cable from the printer. Check in Windows for programs and features, and choose from the result programs and features. Select your HP Printer from the list of programs you have mounted, and select Uninstall to fix HP Envy 5544 Printer Not found. Follow the instructions on-screen to uninstall the program, and restart your computer.

Connect your printer to proper wireless direct Communication

  1. Make sure that it uses the same wireless network as your device when connecting your printer to the wireless network.
  2. Do not link your printer to the guest or host networks, this requires several security mechanisms which can prevent the connection to your computer.
  3. Switch on your printer computer now and ensure it’s set. Select the Wireless icon and use DIRECT to choose printer. When asked to sign in type your password.
  4. Then select your photo or document from the file menu that you wish to print and select print. Pick your printer from a list of printers available, and click print.
  5. Once a print job is done, reconnect it to the WiFi network and check whether HP Envy 5544 Printer is offline.

HP Envy 5544 Update the Printer Firmware


  1. HP release daily printer updates: Updating this printer firmware will fix the Offline problem of HP Envy 5544 Printer. Check for printer update function and menus and icon can differ to update printer directly.
  2. Tap HP ePrint icon: Pick settings or configuration, pick product updates or review product updates.
  3. Text-based Printer: From the Settings menu, choose Setup or Service. Select Preferences, Printer Repair, and pick Web Services, and update the Printer.
  4. Accept terms of service during the sign-up process, and stick to on-screen instructions. Enable web services and automatic update setup. If your printer does not start updating process automatically, select Check for Updates to start updating.

HP Envy 5544 Re-install the Printer Software


  1. Next, re-install the printing program to fix the installation process errors that may have occurred.
  2. To evaluate HP Envy 5544 Printer solution is Offline problem Unplug the USB cable.
  3. Then scan for programs and features in the windows, pick programs and features from the results list to find and uninstall your HP apps.
  4. Now, restart your computer system, reinstall the HP Printer program, you can get the program from the installation disk that came with your printer unit or download it from the official HP website as well.


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