How to Fix HP Printer in Error State Windows 10?

Unable to print the documents in your Window 10 while using your HP printer. Is your printer jamming paper or showing an error with HP laser printer when you send a print command? Well, that’s common for all users of HP printers to experience errors in HP laser printers, once in a while.

Windows 10 is the newest version of Windows OS. It is fairly stable and user-friendly. In the early years,

Here are solutions for repairing HP laser printer in error state WINDOW 10

Solution: 1

  1. To turn the printer on, press the power button.
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the printer back while the printer is still running.
  3. Detect tray for information.
  4. Take the paper out of the input tray gently to clear the paper jam
  5. Look over the input tray and remove any other things that could have dropped within the tray.
  6. Back to his usual spot on the printer.
  7. Recombine power cord and turn the printer on.
  8. Attempt printing. If the mistake continues, then pursue

Solution 2:

  1. Detach paper from the output tray
  2. Switching off the printer and unbundle the power cord.
  3. Find the output tray, and take the stuck paper out of the output tray gently to clear it.
  4. Then, please try printing.
  5. If the mistake continues, then seek Solution 3

Solution 3:

  1. Clean the paper feed rollers Shut the printer off, and find the power cord.
  2. Uplift and open the Input Tray.
  3. Detect and thoroughly clean the grey paper pick rollers with a damp cloth to avoid dust or dirt build-up.
  4. Dry the rollers absolutely before reinserting them.
  5. Recombine power cord and turn printer on.
  6. Attempt printing.
  7. If the mistake continues, proceed to next stage

Solution 4:

  1. Clean the roller of the printer Remove all papers from the insert tray.
  2. Press on the down arrow to select Settings and press OK.
  3. To select Tools, press on the down arrow and press OK.
  4. Then select Clean Paper Feed and press OK.
  5. Wait until the printer stops completely before proceeding.
  6. Now try printing out.

If the error continues, then take the next move.

Solution 5:

  1. Reset the printer Switch on Printer
  2. Now remove the printer power cable.
  3. Unplug the outlet power cord into place.
  4. Wait a minute.
  5. Now plug the power cord back into the socket at the wall.
  6. Link the power cord back to the printer again.
  7. Switch the print on.

Check if it solved the problem.

You will be able to solve the issue by taking the above steps of resolution. Should the problem continue, call us by dialling our toll-free HP support number Our experts can evaluate the root cause of the issue quickly and repair it to perfection.

We ensure a guaranteed resolution of the problem within the shortest possible waiting period. For better results, we can also help you speed up your printer. So call us today to take advantage of the best experience in remote tech support.

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