How to fix Epson printer printing blank pages?

The quality and reliability of Epson printers are common among users worldwide. Nevertheless, users still consider blank pages of their Epson printer. Any person who stops the printing of documents has to think about that. It will affect productivity on a working day. And if you use it for your personal use, you should not think about the fact that you are unable to use your printer as you want.

The issue can be found anywhere in your printer. You may wonder why your printer started suddenly working, as is the case with other Epson users. You must get to the bottom of this topic to learn more. There may be several different factors that sustain the printing of a blank page on your Epson printer.

Learn all about these causes and the steps you should take to solve the problem in conjunction with their impact.

Why do I print blank pages on my Epson printer?

Epson printers are a growing concern. It may often occur when a new cartridge is mounted. It may also be an indication that your original cartridge is out and must be replaced by a new one. Moreover, no hardware or software problem can also be written off on your printer. The fault can also be an issue with your printer’s hardware or software.

These are some of the possible reasons for the issue. This would not be possible to ascertain the exact reason for your printer’s irregular working unless you take action to diagnose the issue itself.

What solutions are possible?

Was printing blank pages on your Epson printer? The explanations and things that you should do to fix this are as follows.

Is your printer cartouche free?

Empty cartridge

Often you may mistakenly leave it bare. As the first step towards the identification of the issue, test if this is why your printer is abnormal.

Disconnected cartridge

The output from your printer disconnected the cartridge will also get blank pages instead of prints. For most cases, the cartridge is electronically disconnected or not attached to your printer.

The next thing you can think about is to reinstall the cartridge when you find out this issue. Don’t forget to check if all is perfect with it after reinstallation. Your best bet is to take some test prints to determine it.

Incompatible paper size

It is important to ensure you have selected the right in-program paper size in order to prevent printing issues with your Epson printer. When you have accidentally changed it, it will help you fix the issue by adjusting the settings in the usual scale.

Clogged nozzles

The clogged nozzles are one of the key factors not only for Epson printer but also for printers from all marks around the world for printing problems. This can happen because the printer is used irregularly or unusually. If you don’t regularly use your printer, you risk hardening your ink, which can then block your printer’s nozzles.

Consider using the “print head nozzle test” feature in order to solve the problem. This phase restores your usual ink flow, removes the blocking nozzles and fixes the issue of your Epson printer with blank paper.

One of the leading causes of print problems in printers is an outdated printer engine.

The problem will still exist, given the potential causes and the remedies that have been discussed above.

You may request professional assistance if you end up in such a situation.

If, after all the above remedies have been exhausted, you find that the issue remains unresolved, the underlying cause may emerge.

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