The growth of the refilling industry is on-going. Some Epson cartridges only can use re-setters, while other re-setters are available. This article will help us build a plan to fix Epson’s question of refilling.

Does not accept refillable or CIS cartridges, three solutions to repair Epson Printer?

  1. Chip Re-setter

The error “Cartridge not visible” may also be caused by the mistake of a bad or dirty cartridge chip. Card Epson cartridges Unknown Error A re-setter returns to zero the page count. It works if at least 15 percent of the cartridge is left with its ink. When the tin is small, the cartridge is removed and put on the tool. A LED flashes red a couple of times, and then a green light shows a successful reset. We’ll replenish and use the cartridge as new. Afterwards. The re-setter works both for original and compatible third-party cartouches.

  1. Auto Reset chip (ARC) refillable cartridge

Auto Reset chip (ARC) refillable cartridge with refilling hole on top of each refilling cartridge. The refill is straightforward: unplug and add ink. The “A” in ARC is fixed and will not reset the chip at will. The chip resets only when a certain number is reached by page count.

  1. If the cartridge is replaced by a low ink point, the chip does not reset.

The printer would also have less ink. The current ink amount is out of line with the estimate of the printer. We will therefore disregard low-ink alerts and print before an automatic chip reset occurs.

  1. The printer can hesitate after a reset because the cartridge has not been changed yet.

To fix this, go to the printer’s control box and pick the “Delete Cartridge,” open the printer card and test the actual amount of the ink in the screen case. The printer shows “Don’t find [xxx] or [xxx] cartridge is missing.” We’ll take the chance to refill the cartouche if it needs ink. We just shut the door to fool the printer, otherwise. The printer can show a full tank of ink until it’s done.

  1. Ink device ARC (CIS)

These chips are identical to cartridges that are refillable. Both chips are in one series, however. A continuous ink network supplies tubes to cartridges.

Therefore, we apply ink and do not take out cartouches in external tanks. On top of the array chip there is a reset button. When pushed, a few seconds of the electricity will be cut off from the chip. The printer would then assume that we have removed and changed the cartridge.

There is no guarantee of the availability of one option for others. Several versions have only re-setters, for example. Sometimes, these cartridges are uncommon and the production of ARC does not benefit. In addition, some newer models may have no refill solution.

Take into account Points Refillable or CIS cartridges when making an Epson printer?

  • Ensure a clean, non-ink smear and waste cartridges chip.
  • Make sure a touch pin for the printer is clean, free from ink smear and waste Check that the cartridge is put securely in the printer.
  • Take it hard before a click is heard. Shake it back and forth while it is inside. Put folded paper to the back if the cartridge looks loose and click on to make good contact with the printer.
  • If you have put cartridge off with electricity, the printer won’t realize you’ve changed the cartridge. Potential explanations After installation of cartridges, don’t recognize new cartouch yet. The printer is blurred and the cartridge error is triggered.

Epson printer may also not erase previous error code

  • If an OEM cartridge error is eliminated and a non-OEM cartridge alert is received, the printer is prompted to display “not recognized cartridge.”
  • You should try to patch Epson printer by installing non-OEM cartridge in advance. Wait until the cartridges of OEM are filled.

Place the OEM cartridge and change your cartridges with the on-screen prompt

Turn the printer off and leave it for about 1 hour or remove all cartridges. Loaded without a cartridge to the printer. The “no cartridge mounted” error is made and the “ink cartridge empty” error is then eliminated. Use the on-screen button to move cartridges after the printer is loaded.


  • Do a complete check
  • Assessing the problem cartridge
  • Resolving the problem cartridge

All Epson printers accept compatible and refillable cartridges. Occasionally there is an exception when the printer is patched with a download of Epson’s firmware.

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