As part of the daily software update tests, new firmware updates are introduced for Epson by default. Although the firmware frequency differs by device, several printers have been modified to uninstall certain ink cartridges from third parties with problems.

Printers affected will unexpectedly be informed of unknown, incompatible or non-genuine one or more ink cartridges. In order to retain the use of the printer, the company aims to substitute the ink with its far more costly model format.

Fortunately, an older version of the printing firmware may also be reinstalled and certain newly discovered and self-assigned incompatibilities decided. The hardest part is to figure out how print companies know how to delete old firmware until the new version is launched and how to recapture the printer or transfer older firmware is seldom recorded.

Epson Printer Firmware Downgrade Instructions

Uninstall Epson Firmware Instructions

Attach a USB printer from the printer’s back to a tablet or laptop. Connect a USB printer from the back to the machine. You have to use a Type A / B printer cable and plug it into the right USB port, not the normal front-end USB input port. In recovery mode a USB connection is required, even if you have it wirelessly connected already, to pass the firmware to the printer.

Epson Downgrade Firmware Instructions

Clear the printer from all ink cartridges. This means that after using alternate firmware, all cartridge related errors are reset.

Firmware Instructions Epson Update

Turn off printer. Once the printer is shut down, do the following key combination before the white text shows the firmware Update button.

Firmware Instructions for Epson Downgrade

A downgrade is the perfect way to make the printer work efficiently. The downgrading or replenishment of an Epson printer is given here. There are different measures to downgrade an Epson XP printer series.

For XP-100/101/102/103/104

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Push the STOP + COLOR + ON buttons and keep them simultaneously within one minute of the perception.
  • Hold the buttons until the LED is activated.
  • Modify the list and then click on update to pick firmware.
  • All LEDs flash when an update is complete.
  • To shut the printer off, press the STOP button.
  • STOP – the circle’s red triangle.
  • COLOR – two blue sheets of paper color copy press.

For XP-200/201/202/203/204/205/206/208/211/212/213/214/215/216

  • The printer has been turned off
  • Press and hold the STOP + COLOR + Wi-Fi + ON buttons for a minute until after the press has disabled the printer.
  • Leave the buttons on until all buttons are on, except the control LED.
  • Upgrade invents the list and then taps update on the firmware.
  • Both LEDs will blink when an update is over.
  • To shut the printer off, press the STOP button.
  • STOP – the circle’s red triangle.
  • COLOR – two blue sheets of paper color copy press.

For XP 300/302/303/305/306/310/315/400/401/410/412/413/510/600/605/610

  • Please shut down your press to XP-.
  • Press and hold down the buttons Pause + LEFT ARROW + Home + ON, one minute after the printer is off.
  • “FW Update Mode” will appear in Printer LCD.
  • Click Update to update the system list and pick firmware.
  • If the update is done, make sure the text and firmware data “Done” is shown on the screen.
  • To disable the printer, press the OK button.
  • STOP – the circle’s red triangle.
  • LEFT ARROW – Ok button with a white arrow to the top.
  • HOME – LCD’s left-hand button.

For XP-700/701/710/750/800/802/810/850

  • Switch off your printer
  • Press DOWN + ON buttons for 1 minute after the printer is turned off at the same time, and hold them.
  • If the button HOME is ON, remove the keys.
  • The “Software Update Mode” is shown in Printer LCD.
  • Click Update to change the system list and pick the firmware.
  • If an update is completed, ensure that the firmware details appears on the computer, around 5 ~ 10 minutes.
  • To shut off the printer, click on the center of the touch screen.


You will not encounter any errors of opposing ink when using cartridges of third-party, if all instructions have been successfully followed, or you will be allowed to print again. Ensure that all attempts to update the software are disabled or otherwise overlooked so that this will not happen in future. For Epson, you can install Epson Software Updater in a special manner, or just bear in mind that the firmware updates are still unchecked when requested. The other program packages can be upgraded safely.

You can call Epson to contact customer support. if you experience any issues. Any of your issues can be overcome.

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