Enable HP Envy 5535 Wireless Scanning

  • Open the printer assistance by clicking on the HP Envy Printer Series icon present in the Desktop.
  • Select the scan to computer option from the scan option.
  • If the scan option is already enabled, disable and enable it again.
  • Try to scan from the printer again.
  • You can also use scan option from the computer which gives you advanced options for a customized scanning.

Try for a network power reset if you still find your print is not scanning. Leave the router on just unplug the router’s power cable. Likewise do it for the printer, and shut down the computer. After a complete minute plug the router and power on the printer and wait until it’s completely powered UP. Then plug in the printer and wait for the wireless light glow slid. Once everything is done, turn on the computer refresh the network connection and start scanning.

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